Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Well we sat down with Sarah (the APN from LR) and wrote out our IVF calendar! If all goes as planned we are looking at a September 7th transfer date!!! WOW it's getting real! I can't believe we are a month away from transfer, it's crazy! So for those that are wondering the process here is how it works: currently I am taking birth control to supress my cycle and keep me from ovulating, I will take this up until the 20th. Today Chance and I both did labs (blood draw). On the 20th I will go in for more blood draw, exam, ultra sound (US), and mock transfer. Then the 23rd or 24th we will begin the injectable hormones I will take these for about 10 days and have 3 labs and 2 US during those 10 days. Once my eggs reach maturity I will take 1 injection of HCG and 34 hours later we will head to LR for the extraction, I will be asleep for that procedure, thank goodness! Before we leave LR we will know how many good eggs we have,then they will inject the sperm into my eggs using a method called ICSI. We will know by day 3 how many embryos have developed and on day 5 we will pick the healthiest looking embryo and do the transfer, this should happen around September 7th! The first date that we can get a positive beta test is September 16th, my birthday, what an amazing birthday present that could be! Now we wait we sit back and pray and wait until it is time!!! It's getting really exciting!! We are praying and believing for a smooth process, we are praying and believing for only the number of embryos that God intends for us to have, we are praying and believing for a successful transfer, we are praying and believing for a healthy pregnancy, and we are praying and believing for a healthy delivery and a healthy baby next May/June! Pray and believe with us friends and family, and please keep your negative thoughts and comments to yourself.

Chance & Ashley


Ashley said...

So exciting! Couple of questions: do you have to travel to LR for all your labs/US or do you do those somewhere local? Just transferring one embryo?

Ashley said...

Most of my appointments will be done at Parkhill in Johnson with the exception of the egg retrieval and embryo transfer those will be done in LR. We will only transfer 1 embryo due to the fact that twins run in my family and while twins would be an amazing blessing we want that to be God's doing, not to mention it will be healthier for me and the baby/babies if we don't try to force a multiple pregnancy, 2 could turn into 3 or 4 and that scares the daylights outta me! So yes we will only be transferring one embryo at a time!!

Ashley said...

That's great that you can do your monitoring close by! I had to drive to Springfield for mine. I understand how scary multiples can be. We transferred 3 the first time and 4 the second- yikes!!