Saturday, August 10, 2013


Well here we are, about 2 weeks away from the start of the hormone injections!!! Wow I still can't believe it... I'm ready to start but at the same time I'm nervous, I don't want to turn into a monster or a witch but I'm afraid that's going to happen. I asked Chance if he would still love me when I was a crazy, hormonal, irrational woman... His response was "no but I'll act like I do!" That's all I'm asking for babe! Of course he was kidding but I still found it comical! While we wait for the 24th to come we've pretty much just been doing normal everyday things. We go to work and come home, with all the rain our garden has exploded with tomatoes and green beans, I might have to try my hand at canning this year! 

We've had a few church things and we've spent some much needed time with friends, we even babysat for a few hours last night, that was FUN!! I had breakfast with two of my favorite girlfriends this morning, we have been friends for over 8 years now and even though we don't see each other often we pick up right where we left off! Our lives are pretty normal and we like it that way. We're gearing up for our Wednesday night ministry with our SR high youth class and this years lesson is called God Speaks on Big Issues, will be fun and challenging for both us as teachers and the students. I'm really looking forward to it, I think it will grow me as a Christian and Chance as well. 

I want to share a book I'm reading written by Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, it's called The Well, it focuses on the the scripture of the woman at the well and so far it's really good. I always loved that story, the fact that the woman was talking to the messiah and didn't even know... The fact that Jesus knew everything about her already, I think we as Christians, or me at least, try to hide things from God thinking that he can't see, we, or I, seem to forget too often that he is all knowing and is there even when no one else is. I love the fact that He is always there. Whenever I need Him, He is there. I've needed Him a lot these last few years and He has been a huge comfort. I'm tying to remember to always rely on Him and trust Him it's always easier said than done. I know that the devil tries to waiver our faith and that we must stand strong in the word, this world makes that hard. We get distracted and if we're not careful we can lose sight of what's really important. I'm hoping and praying that through this journey I don't lose sight of what really matters, I pray that this journey helps me draw closer to God and really become the woman and mother he would have me to be. As I read this book I will share with you what it teaches me and what it reveals to me. I'm looking forward to finding the true "Well" and letting it shape my life Gods in way. 


Here is a photo of our tomato crop... This is 2 days worth! 

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Big Pitt Stop said...

Girl last year we had to take care of my papas garden and I roasted some, let them cool then put them in baggies and froze. Made the best marinara sauce and soup in the winter! I would suggest peeling them first