Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

I thought about calling you today and then remembered I can't... I've been thinking about you a lot  these last few days, the last few weeks actually. I wish I'd called you last week when I had the chance, I  remember picking up the phone to call you but something distracted me... probably that super cute little boy you were over the moon about. Since I can't talk to you on the phone here's what I wanted to tell you.

I love you, Sawyer is growing so fast his check up was yesterday and he's finally moving up the growth charts!! His birthday party was a huge success, I really wish you could have been there, I would have come get you but I was so busy setting up for the party. I was going to show you pictures from the party next time I came to see you, I also have pictures of Sawyer for you, they're from his one year photo shoot. This one is my favorite...

Today I scrubbed my shower, I thought about taking before and after photos but I'm too embarrassed to let anyone see how dirty it was... It now sparkles! I was just thinking about the time we made the humming bird cake for my birthday. You didn't like the taste of the coconut in the bag from the store, you were convinced that they changed it and it was different, so we bought a real coconut and we tried to peel it or shell it or whatever it's called. Well you were using a knife and it slipped and got you in the hand, you were bleeding and tending to your wound and I was trying to help you... but I saw the blood and the next thing I knew I was sitting in the chair with my head between my knees and you were bringing me a cool rag for my head... yup I almost passed out and while you were the hurt one you still were tending to me! That's just the way you were, you always put others before yourself. I miss you Grandma. Today while cleaning I found a letter you'd written to me back in May, you were always thinking of others. I know that none of us would be where we are without your constant prayers.

I know that when Chance and I were struggling with infertility you were praying just as hard as we were for a baby... and when we finally found out we were pregnant we stopped by to tell you in person, I'd never seen you so happy! Except when you got to meet him for the first time.


 I regret not getting more photos of the two of you... I didn't really ever think about it when we were there... I'm sorry about that. I miss you so much. I know that someday I'll see you again but its hard right now. I'm going to take comfort knowing that you are with Jesus and no longer in pain. I love you grandma and I'll talk to you soon! 


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Ashley said...

So sorry for your loss, Ashley! Grandmas are so special and it's so hard when they're gone. Thankful for the promise of eternity!