Sunday, February 16, 2014

Getting "Trim and Healthy"

Well I know that in my post yesterday I gave you all a teaser... The truth is I was waiting til the one month mark to post any success. Well today marked one month on "plan" and I can officially say I am down 15.4 lbs and a collective total of 19 inches!! Yay!! So what's the secret you ask? Well first let me give a shout out to my inspiration... My friend Janetta, she's seriously been a rock for me these last 6 months, a shoulder to cry on, she understands what I've been through and is an amazing listener! Ok so she might be mad at me for sharing her picture but here is her success since September from one month ago... She's actually lost more since the pic on the right was taken!

I won't post her picture of before the before but I'll just tell you it is amazing! She's been working toward becoming healthier for her boys for a couple of years now, and I think she's succeed! Ok ok I'll stop singing Janetta praises!! 

So what has she turned me and so many other of our friends onto? This book...

This book focuses on keeping your blood sugars in check, it's a low glycemic eating plan that removes all white sugar and flour from your diet. I've replaced sugar with truvia (I make my own, it's cheaper) I've replaced flour with almond flour, golden flax seed, or ground oats. I've replaced bread with low carb tortillas, or Josephs lavish breads. The book tells you how to break your meals into 'S' meals and 'E' meals (I'm still learning the whole 'S' and 'E' thing) but in the month that I've been "learning" I've been losing!!! Oh yeah! You are allowed fats and carbs just not in the same meal. I've been eating things like broccoli cheese soup, pizza, peanut butter cookies, brownies, Italian chicken pasta bake... Oh yeah and cheese cake... Yes I said cheese cake!!  

So that's all I've got... I'm nowhere near an expert on the new eating lifestyle but like I said I'm still learning! And I'm glad that I've got help in this journey, Janetta recruited Corrie and then the two of them got me started, and now there's about 9 of us ladies reading and learning and losing! It's a ton of fun! :-) The book is about $35 and worth every penny! There's also a Facebook group you can join or a page you can follow and get more info about the plan, just search for Trim Healthy Mama. Don't worry friends who aren't mamas, I'm not either, this plan is good for anyone!  Ok ok so here are some pics... 

Before... One month ago

This morning... 15 lbs down! Wahoo!! 

I've still got a long way to go... About 55 lbs to be exact but I'm enjoying the journey with some awesome friends and crazy good food!! 



BobbieGildroy said...

Girlfriend, you are looking AMAZING!!!!! You are doing great!!! Be proud of yourself!! THM is an answer to prayers!!

BobbieGildroy said...

Girlfriend, you are looking AMAZING!!!!! You are doing great!!! Be proud of yourself!! THM is an answer to prayers!!

Ashley said...

Thank Bobbie! I feel amazing too! I can't wait to see your progress pics!!!

Ashley said...

Wow! That's great, Ashley! I don't know if I"m strong enough to do no sugar. =)