Saturday, August 24, 2013

Impromptu trip to the Hospital!

No worries I'm fine and so is Chance, he's a lot more irritated than I am but here's the reason for our evening trip to Willow Creek...  

I started this morning off on an emotional roller coaster... Up and down and up and down! Lets start from the beginning... Thursday the pharmacy called me to confirm everything; (side note: the medication I will be taking is from a pharmacy in Massachusetts they receive the order from my doctor, then call me for payment and shipping info, then they ship it.) So she called and confirmed everything and told me that I'd need to be home Saturday from 8-4 to sign for the package. Ok no problem I've got no big plans for Saturday so no biggie. So I get an email last night from the pharmacy at 9:04 saying that my order was shipped and gave me the tracking #, so I clicked the link and it took me to the Fed-Ex website where it said that my package was set to arrive Monday before 8pm... That to me was a little unsettling but it was too late to do anything about it last night. I waited til they opened this morning to call them, 9:00 our time to be exact, and I spoke to Andrew, let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised at the level of customer service I received from this company. Andrew promptly looked into the issue and came back with the conclusion that the shipment was sent standard overnight instead of priority overnight which allows for Saturday deliveries. So the website was correct and my medication would not be arriving until Monday sometime. Andrew then proceeded to start rectifying the situation he sent an email to their concierge department and explained to me that they will track down the medication I need and will figure out how to get it to me. He apologized again and we hung up. Not 30 minutes later I get a call from Sue in the concierge department and she has searched all over Arkansas and even into Missouri and no one has the medication I need. At this point I'm getting upset (I've already cried a few times and my pile of Kleenex was getting larger) she then told me of another option but she would have to check with her supervisor before she could offer me the option. So she called back about 20 minutes later and tells me they are shipping it same day which means it will arrive tonight around midnight. They were super helpful and I appreciate them for that. 

I emailed Sarah to ask her how we should proceed since the medication will now be a day later than we have planned, any of you that have gone through fertility treatments knows the importance of timing, it has to be just right or the entire cycle can be ruined, well she came back with a solution. Which brings us to present time... We're in the truck, driving to Willow Creek, Chance is driving... We are headed to pick up a sample of the medication I will need the next two days. Just incase the Fed-Ex plane crashes or the truck burst into flames (Sarah's words not mine) haha! So we will be set until Monday (or tonight) when the rest of the meds will arrive! 

I'm treating this as kind of a "date night" we'll go to the hospital, Chance will give me a shot in the bathroom, then we'll grab some dinner, Olive Gardenhas their   never ending pasta bowl, and see what Academy has on sale! It'll be a fabulous evening! Although I don't think that Chance shares in my enthusiasm! Oh well I've always been more of an optimist than a pessimist and that's probably why we fight, I mean mesh so well! ;-) 

Well thanks for reading have a Blessed weekend friends! 


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Ashley said...

Oh man, so stressful! Glad you got everything worked out. Hope you enjoyed your date!