Tuesday, August 20, 2013

4 days!!!

We start the injections Saturday!! I had my appointment with Sarah today, she did the mock transfer, ultrasound, and they took some blood. Just like during the HSG test she too had problems getting through my cervix. She told me today that it wouldn't be a big deal on transfer day they would make a small stitch while I'm sedated on retrieval day to straighten out the curve. If everything goes as scheduled we will do the retrieval on Labor Day and the transfer the 7th!! It's all happening so fast it seems like, it's so exciting!! I'm getting anxious and nervous. I know you all are praying for us and I want to thank you for the prayers! 

On a side note a friend gave us a pack-n-play which is a huge blessing because now we don't have to buy one! Our yard sale stuff is coming together, I'm going to try to price some things and dig more things out of the closets and attic and shed and garage... I'm so thankful too that some people are giving us things to sell, since we are using the funds from the sale to recoup some of the costs of the IVF. The garage sale will be the 29-31 of August! So come by and buy our stuff! 

That's pretty much all that's happening with us, until next time God Bless you friends! 

Chance & Ashley

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Ashley said...

So excited for you!