Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Rock Bound!

Well we are headed to Little Rock for the retrieval!! After 1 full week of injections I was so glad to see the email from Sarah that said to take the last of them!! 

Saturday morning I got up at 5:45,got ready and drove to Willow Creek for an US and blood work. I saw DR Gorman, he was really nice and funny. I told him what DR Duke had said about my Easter baskets being full and he laughed, then he told me that it looked like I'd have a "bountiful harvest". After he measured and counted all my eggs he told me to have a good day and asked if I knew my way out I said "yes just down the stairs" he replied "actually you can take the elevator down, I recommend that given your current ovarian state". HA! It made me laugh, he was very nice and you could tell he enjoys his job and has a heart for helping people! 

So I'm writing this post from the truck while Chance drives! Thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts! I will try to update tomorrow but it will more than likely be Tuesday as I will be put under anesthesia tomorrow morning and there is no telling what the post might say! Ha! 

Chance and Ashley 

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Ashley said...

Yay! So excited for you- praying!!! Enjoy your time away!