Friday, July 19, 2013


This week was VBS week at Towering Oaks Church, I look forward to this week evey year!! I was fortunate enough to get to do this VBS twice this year, once in Pennsylvania on our church mission trip and then again at TOC. I always come away from the week feeling full and blessed, it truly is such an honor to do Gods work. Chance and I work with the teens and we get pretty attached to the kids, luckily we get to see most of them in Wednesday night classes in the fall! I also get to have my brother with me for the week, I miss him terribly and it's such a joy getting to spend time with him! I'm even more glad he's coming to learn about God! My faith has been tested these past few... well years I guess... From deciding to start a family to finding out that we aren't able to conceive naturally without a miracle, to deciding to start the IVF process. It's super stressful and emotional but all week at bible school we learned that God helps us Stand Strong!! God is certainly helping me stand strong and without him I don't think I'd make it through! I've been blessed with some amazing friends and family and a pretty awesome husband, I know at God will not gave me the challenges that he does if he didn't think that I could handle it. If he brings me to it he will bring me though it!! Yesterday I got to spend some time with friends at the lake and today we had and awesome day at the water slide at roaring river!! Sunday will be the VBS finale at church and I am really looking forward to it!!  That's all for now, God is good all the time!!


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