Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Church League Ragball

Tonight the awesome TOC team won both their games! They're doing pretty great this season only losing one game so far!! Last night was a pretty dirty night as in it FINALLY rained in Carroll County and the field was Muddy!! We played Kings River and Bethel last night and I'm pretty sure Bethel only showed up to play in the mud, they looked like they had a great time and went home covered in mud head to toe! Tonight was a little more dry but there was still a pretty big puddle between 3rd and home. Tonight wasn't without excitement though, John hit 2 home runs for the TOC team and Henry from Southern Heights got hit in the head with the ball... There were a few injuries but I think everyone was able to walk home. We were all fairly surprised when the game wasn't called due to lightning even though the skies were dark and lightning was all around us!

As we were all running for our vehicles after the game was over to prevent getting wet I got an email... It was from the APN from Little Rock apparently she's been sick and has been gone, she asked some questions about my cycle, and TMI, but I'm on day 4 and we have to start the birth control pills on day 2-5 of my cycle... It might be too late for this month but if so we'll just wait til next month. We know that God has a plan and whatever that plan is it will be great! It seems that everything is coming together. 
In other news I'm planning a yard sale the last weekend of August, we're using this as a fundraiser for our "baby fund". Memaw has given us stuff and I think Cindy will be bringing things to put in it. Hopefully we can make a good amount to help cover some of the extra expenses we will have. Sometimes I still find myself feeling angry at the fact that we have to go though this process, that we aren't able to do the one thing that God intended us to do naturally. But I believe that God gave man wisdom to make medical advances and that this is a way for us to be able to have our own children. We are so excited about starting this new chapter in our lives and we are so blessed to have this option. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to pray and seek God's guidance. Good night all! 


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