Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Waiting on Friday...

Friday is the day! Tomorrow we are 20 weeks and half way through this pregnancy, 20 weeks closer to meeting our little miracle baby! And Friday is our 20 week checkup and ultrasound!! To say we're excited is an understatement, we are so ready to know what this baby is so that we can give him or her a name and buy girl or boy things!! But I think I'm most excited for our party Friday night! The gender reveal party, we've got friends and family coming from near and far and I'm so excited to see everyone!! 

So far this pregnancy has been smooth going, a little morning sickness in the beginning but it mostly went away when I got to the 2nd trimester. No crazy food cravings just normal ones, such as pizza, ice cream, fried chicken, and potatoes any kind really, mashed, fried, baked, in the form of hash browns or French fries... Mmm I could eat those all day! Tonight the craving was for hamburger patties and brown gravy over rice! Mmm it was delicious!! 

I've started feeling movement, I first felt flutters about 17 weeks and now they are much more like baby movements, although sometimes I'm sure it's just gas! ;-) haha!! Baby Robbins is growing that's for sure! I'll try to post after the party with pics and everything but for now Here is a photo from yesterday. 

Have a blessed night friends!! 

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