Sunday, June 22, 2014

Leg cramps & Back pain & Mood swings... OH MY!!

So by the title of my post I'm sure you're thinking that I'm about to complain about my pregnancy... Well you're partially correct but mostly I'm just uncovering some ugly truths, so bear with me! First of all, the blessing if being able to carry and grow a child out weighs everything I'm about to say. Second of all, I still can't believe that God chose me to be this baby's mom and for that I thank him everyday! 

Leg cramps... OH MY GOODNESS, I only thought that I had leg cramps before, now that I'm pregnant I know what a real leg cramp feels like, it's like someone has put your calf or shin muscle or foot into a vice and they're just cranking on that thing until all you can do is scream. They come without warning in the middle of the night and you have to jump out of bed like a round bellied ninja to put your foot flat on the floor while trying not to scream out in agony and wake the neighbors! Leg cramps should be a form of torture! 

Back pain... I blame it on my growing mid section, it seems to be worse when I'm on my feet a lot. This weekend we've been cleaning out bedrooms and closets preparing to move our guest bed to a different room because the current guest room will be Sawyer's room. When my back gets to hurting I feel like I waddle, I'm only 21 and a half weeks, I shouldn't be waddling... Yet! I know it's inevitable, I've come to terms with that fact and I'm ok with it, but man I have a bad feeling about the 30+ weeks!! You know the saying weebles wobble but they don't fall down... Well that will be me I'm pretty sure of that, I just hope I don't fall over! 

Mood swings... I'm irritable, I'm cranky, I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm irritable... Oh wait I said that already! Did I mention I'm irritable? Things have NEVER gotten to me as much as they do now. The dogs, people, laundry, dishes, my husband (oh but I do love him so)!! Rude people in the public make me crazy I just want to smack someone! I'm super sensitive of Chance too... If he's in a cranky mood it can make me cry, or make me want to punch him, depending on the day! Most of the time he is fantastic but we all have our moments (mine come more often these days) and I love him to the moon! I yell at the dogs a lot I'm pretty sure Sawyer will come out saying "Max stop" or "Mason no"!! I really need to try to get these emotions in check, it probably won't happen but at least I can say I tried!! 

My cravings haven't been crazy just normal food not like pickles and ice-cream... Pickles are gross!! I've eaten quite a bit of captin crunch, Special K, meat and potatoes, zucchini, and I can't get enough DR Pepper!! The other night right before falling asleep I had a craving for a cupcake but I decided that sleeping was a much better idea, plus I didn't have any cupcakes and I wasn't going to go get one! My little guy moves around a lot when I drink sweet tea and I'm feeling more and more of his movements everyday, I can't wait til Chance can feel him too!

We are so blessed and are cherishing every moment of this pregnancy! I know that there are plenty of women who are struggling to conceive, waiting on adoption placement, or foster placement and please know you are all in my prayers! Just 6 months ago we never imagined that we'd be pregnant much less pregnant naturally. Our God is mighty and he works in His time not ours, He knows the plans he has for us and he will prosper us, not harm us and give us hope and a future! He is amazing and all knowing and we have to trust Him! Thank you for reading and be blessed friends!

Love, Ashley

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Mandy Babb said...

You deserve to have the chance to whine about pregnancy aches and pains!! Pregnancy IS a blessing, but it's also tough and exhausting. Don't ever think that anyone is going to assume you aren't thankful for that baby. We all know you wouldn't choose to be doing anything else! You are already a good momma, and that little boy is lucky to have you! Expressing yourself and talking about all this is not going to change any of that. I'm proud of you!