Saturday, May 24, 2014


As I lay here in bed thinking about my day and thinking it is way past my bed time... I can't help but think about all the graduates that I saw walk across the stage tonight and receive their diplomas. Essentially accepting the next chapter of their lives; college, the military, jobs... but no matter what they choose to do they are entering adulthood. Gone are the days of high school where things are so "hard" or so "easy", gone are the days where making sure you got to class on time and made a decent grade were your biggest responsibilities. Now begins real life. Life with choices and consequences, don't get me wrong mistakes are to be made and we learn  from mistakes, but we should only make the same mistake once after that it becomes a choice. All the young people I saw graduate tonight have choices to make, whether it be college or a job, either way they have to do something. As I think back to my own graduation, which was 10 years ago, I can't help but to think of the person I was. The shy pudgy girl that was made fun of, who tried to hide behind baggy clothes, who thought that braces would make her prettier, who thought that maybe just maybe that boy that she'd had a crush on since the 6th grade would finally notice and acknowledge her (he never did). I'm proud to say I'm not that girl any longer, I've grown, I've matured, I've grown out of that awkward phase (which I'm convinced lasted my entire childhood until I turned 19). I've come a long way in 10 years and I've made some life long friends, I met my soul mate, my best friend and we are building our life together. I became a better person, a better Christian, and I have my Lord to thank for that. Do I look back wish I could change things? Of course I do, if I had the chance to would I? Probably not, the choices I've made and the mistakes have made me into the person I am today. I'm pretty proud of how far I've come in these 10 years and I hope that 10 years from now I can say the same thing. To all you young people out there who may be reading this, don't ever give up on yourself, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God made you perfect in His image and you are beautiful just the way you are. Don't conform to the things if this world keep God first and he will take care of you. He answers prayers, I'm living proof (or I should say baby Robbins is) . We serve an amazing Creator and he loves us enough to give His only son to die for our sins. This is an evil world we live in and unfortunately there are people who will try to make you believe otherwise that there is no God but I know the truth, we know the truth, it's in his word. Stay true to yourselves and true to God it's the only way to survive in this world. 

Ok I'm off to bed have a blessed night friends. 


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