Thursday, June 19, 2014

Baby Robbins is a...

Well today marks 21 weeks and baby Robbins is moving around so much! Last week we found out that baby Robbins is a BOY!! That right Sawyer Rex Robbins is who is growing in my belly! Here's some pics from the ultra sound... 

There he is... He's so adorable! I was beginning to get nervous in the ultrasound because he wasn't showing himself. The appointment was at 2:30 and we had a gender reveal party at 7pm... But he came through or the US tech made him mad enough that he showed us the "goods"!! I'm so glad too because the party was a hit! There were so many of our friends and family there it was awesome! Here are some pictures from the party...

Me and my bestie! 

Me, my momma, & my Memaw!!  

Chance is cookin hot dogs! 

Some of the crowd! 

Our reveal box! 

It's a BOY!! 

The beautiful cake my friend Janetta made! It was delicious! 
Which team were you on!?!? 

That's all I've got for now! Have a blessed night friends! 


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Ashley said...

So excited for you!