Saturday, August 23, 2014

One year later, the first shot

This day last year was a roller coaster of emotions, the day started out with me calling the mail order pharmacy used to send us our IVF prescriptions. You see I had gotten an email the night before that my prescriptions had shipped and their ETA was Monday… I was supposed to start the injections that night, so Monday was NOT going to work. So I called the pharmacy and explained the situation the guy on the phone was super nice and helpful and told me that the email was not a mistake that someone had shipped it incorrectly and that it would not arrive until Monday. He then transferred me to the concierge department who started a search to find the medication at a local pharmacy, no luck… then they asked me to contact my clinic and see if they had it… 3 hours away. She explained that there was another option but she was not authorized to do this unless she spoke to a manager… she took my number and called me back. They ended up sending me the prescriptions same day with no charge to me since it was their mistake. In the mean time I had emailed Sarah to let her know what was going on and she began searching for a 2 day supply of the medication, she had some at the clinic in Johnson and we were instructed to drive there and Chance would administer the shot on site. So we did! We drove to Fayetteville and got the meds, went to Walgreens (because I forgot to get alcohol wipes) and Chance shot me in the parking lot! Haha!! It was a little funny! We made it back home started a movie and the full prescription of meds arrived about 11:00. Over the next week I drove to Johnson on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We found out my body is excellent at making estrogen and that my eggs grow very well when stimulated! After the Saturday appointment we would find out when we’d go to Little Rock for the retrieval... I’ll pick up there next week!


As for present time, yesterday Chance and I went to Branson and shopped for the rest of the decor for Sawyer's room, we got curtains, rugs, and baskets! I'll post pictures as soon as the room is complete! 

Have a blessed day friends! 



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