Thursday, April 17, 2014

12 Weeks

Well today marks 12 weeks of this pregnancy, hallelujah I am almost to the 2nd trimester! My nausea has subsided but my gagging has gotten worse, it’s all worth it though! This week the baby is as big as a lime just over 2 inches long! How exciting!! Also this week the baby is developing reflexes, and is moving around a lot although I can’t feel it yet! I went to the doctor Tuesday and got to hear the heartbeat, if I could attach it to this blog post I would, it’s the most beautiful sound ever!! Not much else has been going on we’ve been busy with Relay coming up and church activities. I got to see my besties on Tuesday after my appointment and we had dinner and a great visit, along with sno-cones!!


I also found out about the cruel world of maternity clothes shopping… (Insert dramatic music here)… I just wanted some jeans; mine are getting too tight, is it too much to ask to find a reasonably priced pair of maternity jeans that actually fit like a pair of jeans should? Yes apparently it is too much to ask. I started at Old Navy where the jeans were SO unorganized that I couldn’t find what I was looking for… after digging for 10 minutes I came up with a few different types to try on, the fitting room was another story ALL the jeans were for someone that apparently only has stick legs, well I’m sorry but this girls calves are not “skinny” and my thighs are far from it as well! All those jeans went back on the shelf in the same order in which I found them! I then went to JC Penny and they carry NO maternity clothes, so after that I went to Sears but refused to pay $56 for a pair of ugly jeans. I left the mall a little frustrated and went to Kohl’s were the selection was even more slim I swear 3 racks of shirts, 2 racks of shorts/capris, and one hodge-podge rack of all kinds of… well crap, I think crap is the proper word! At this point I’m feeling pretty hopeless but I had time to kill so I decided to give target a try, why not! Target had jeans, and they weren’t bad looking and they fit pretty well… in the dressing room… I wore them to church last night and they seriously tried to fall off my body! I looked like one of those kids that wear their pants with crotch around their knees, it was BAD!! I’m going to try to wash them and see if it helps, wish me luck! I have a few things that I’ve ordered off of Old Navy’s website but they have the smallest legs of any pants I’ve ever tried on… it’s ridiculous! If any of my followers have any suggestions of reasonably priced maternity clothes please let me in on your secret!


Well that’s all for the adventures of Ashley and baby Robbins stay tuned!



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