Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday weekend

Ok this is my second time to type this post because the first one didn't post or save... Curse you technology!!! 

Our thanksgiving was good, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving as well. We started the "weekend" off at my dads Wednesday night, Denise made some chicken chili, it was great! I really lucked out because she had also made some peanut butter balls, my fave!!! 

After we left dads we headed to Memaw and Pawpaws, dogs in tow. Memaw told me how tired she was when we got there, so we didn't stay up too late. Thursday morning Chance got up early to watch the deer and I slept in, Memaw and pawpaw are used to getting up early for dyalisis so they were up at 4:30. When I finally got up at 8:30 Memaw was still in bed (she went back to bed after she made pawpaw breakfast) I made sure she was just sleeping, since it was not like her so still be in bed so late in the morning. When I saw that she was just sleeping I let her sleep some more. We (mom, Martha and I) started cooking, we started the turkey, made the dressing and prepped everything else! The meal was wonderful and Memaw didn't have to do a thing. After we ate and visited and Chance did some evening deer watching we headed home! 

It was time to meet the girls and head to Springfield for some shopping!! We go every year for Black Friday, we go for 2 days and get most of our Christmas shopping done, I got some pretty good deals and got in some much needed girl time! I'm so blessed to have them as friends! 

I'm home now, I kinda missed my hubby, ;-) he was very productive while I was gone. He worked Friday and today, and even cleaned the house. Oh and he shot a deer, his first buck I the season! So proud of my guy!! Below is a picture! 

Have a blessed week friends and as we enter this Christmas season remember Jesus is the real reason for the season! 


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