Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When to pull the plug?

Some of you know the troubles I've had with my brother, it all started in September after he made the terrible decision to drink and drive and was arrested. He called me and I decided to bail him out. In November he came to stay with us. We had 3 rules; don't do drugs while living in our house, no guests allowed, and no smoking in the house. He eventually broke all 3 rules and we had to make him leave. We had supported him for 2 months and he disrespected us and our home, we helped him get a job and I have driven him to OK for court 3 times now. So here's my question when do I pull the plug? He is now out of a job due to a seizure and is living in a tent. I don't want him living here but I also don't want him living in a tent. Chance tells me that is him playing on the fact that I have a huge heart, he is manipulating me into helping him. He hasn't been honest with me and I don't trust him but he's my brother... He has no one else and that makes me feel bad/sad. I don't know what to do or how to handle this. It's a terrible place to be in... Between the rock and the hard place. I'm praying that I make the right decision. Prayers appreciated in the difficult situation.

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Ashley said...

That would be a difficult decision. You can't enable him to continue to make bad choices, though. At some point he'll have to learn to make better choices for himself and not depend on other people to bail him out of trouble. (I have a cousin like this.) If it were me, I don't think I'd let him stay at my house since he's not been respectful or trustworthy in the past (unless he's had a big change of heart and then I might give him 1 chance to prove himself). Praying for you to have wisdom and discernment.