Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So my friend Meagan inspired me to post about the dreams I’ve had… My dreams are not pregnancy dreams but here it goes anyway:

When I come to town (Fayetteville) Meagan, Mandy and I usually try to get together for dinner, one of our favorite places to go is a Chinese buffet in Fayetteville that had the BEST soft serve ice cream I have EVER had, this is where my first dream picks up…

Mandy, Meagan, and I along with our husbands were at the restaurant, and we were eating having a great time when I decided it was time for Ice cream. I go up to the counter to get ice cream and find out they are now charging $1.79 per cone, and there is a concrete barricade blocking the customers from getting to it … I return to the table with the news and everyone springs into action, Chris and Chance are using chairs to ram the barricade, Meagan is yelling at the top of her lungs what an “outrage this is” I am yelling “Charge” to Chance and Chris, and Daniel is consoling a pregnant Mandy because now she is crying uncontrollably. And then I woke up!
I called the girls the next day and we all had a great laugh!!

I have had another dream that involves Meagan and Mandy saying “Burn” and “Oh Snap” to a comment I made but to protect the guilty I will not share that dream, for those that have heard the story you can now laugh out loud! J

A different inspiration story…
My other friend Megan (different spelling) she has lost a lot of weight and has worked so hard to achieve, maintain and continue her weight loss. She is my inspiration and is now helping me on my weight loss journey since I have gained back all of my pre weight watcher/wedding weight… what is the saying fat and happy? Well I guess Chance and I are the happiest people ever because since getting married I have packed on the pounds! But I am actively watching what I eat and limiting my portions, I’m even getting back into an exercise routine!! Megan is my inspiration and my helper (from an hour away)!! Thanks Megan… I appreciate you!

Good night from Berryville…

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Bonnie said...

Ashley-- I know you'll do great getting back on the healthy track! Just take it slow and stay dedicated. Don't get upset if you have something sweet or salty every once in a while. @ my old Weight Watchers meeting they would always say-- its a live-it not a die-it. You can totally do whatever you set your mind to!