Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hello world! I have decided to start a blog! So many crazy things happen to me that I think they need to be documented. Where to start... I guess a little about me: I'm 24 and married to my best friend and the love of my life, Chance. We live in Berryville AR and incase you have never heard of it don't worry, I hadn't either before I met Chance. We have been married for a year as of Dec 5th and we are still loving every minute of it (ok well mabe not every minute but you get the idea). We have 2 dogs, Max and Mason they are boxers and will probably be the subjects of many of my posts!! Max is about 5 and Mason a year and a half, they are absolutely crazy but we still love them, I have no idea why! Chance and I have crazy families and they aren't afraid to admit it. We live fairly normal lives day to day, we work and come home to our doggies. We lead a class of youngsters at church on Wednesday nights and that is he highlight of my work week! I am adjusting to "small town life" fairly well and I think I'm starting to blend in, lets hope so because I don't want any more of the craziness that plagued us in November! I'm really excited to start this blog and I can't wait to start posting the craziness!! Stay Tuned...

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