Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tales of a Boxer… Or two!

I decided to sit down and compile my “boxer” stories!! A little back ground first... Max is a 5 year old Boxer; Chance got him when he was about a year old. His previous owner used to feed him bacon and eggs for breakfast and he would get McDonalds for lunch a dollar cheese burger. To this day Max recognizes the Golden Arches. While Max was living with Chance in Farmington he was known to get into mischief AKA: the trash. He also would eat things off the counter; burgers, short cakes, steak, etc!  Max always had free reign of the house and was allowed to sleep on the bed and be on the furniture.  So you can see how Max was king there. Lets switch over to Mason he is a 1 ½ year old Boxer, we got him from a breeder in OK, I am pretty sure he experienced brain damage during birth that or maybe he was born with the stupid gene, I’m still not sure! The dogs are not allowed on any of the furniture and are only given "people" food on special occasions!
Cut to October 09, Mason joins our family. I had all sorts of plans for him, he was going to be well trained and know everything. He would not get onto anything and we had planned to use him as a breeder dog, you know stud him out! Well one morning in March of 2010 I was folding laundry in the living room and I feel something wet on my leg, I look down and Mason is peeing on me… there went the stud plan he got neutered 3 days later! We thought maybe now he will calm down, no such luck it’s almost been a year and he’s still hyper as ever!
Now that Mason is about Max’s height he has learned that he too can put his front paws on the counter and reach food. Such as a pan of gravy boiling on the stove… Yes that’s right I said a boiling pan of gravy, doesn’t that sound delicious! Let’s recap the things Max has gotten; I was given squash from my Pawpaw’s garden and decided that I wanted to wait a few days to eat it, I had it setting on the counter (at this point it time Max was still loose in the house). A couple of days later I go to cook my squash and it is nowhere to be found, I ask Chance where it is or if he moved it, he says no. I call Memaw and ask her if I had left it there, she says no, that is when I realize Max had eaten it! But Max’s most famous kitchen rumpus was the day that he got into the pantry! We had forgiven him for eating the squash, that is until I came home and found him; he was hiding at the very end of the hallway, I had to maneuver across piles of macaroni and rigatoni, empty boxes of cookies, and a bag of cornflakes that were apparently not sweet enough for the fat boy! After I found him at the end of the hallway he went to the outside kennel, I went and met Chance at work, we went to dinner and the mess remained until Chance and I got home!
The last time they have gotten into anything was October. Sucker is really hard to get out of carpet, just saying! I had bought two 5lb bags of Halloween candy for our Church’s “Trunk or Treat” on this particular day I had to use the back door at the house, the reason escapes me right now though. So as I am walking across the back yard I see inside the window things all over the floor. I rush to get inside only to find they had eaten every tootsie roll in the bags and tried to get the tootsie roll out of the tootsie pops by biting into he suckers and getting them all over the carpet.  I am pretty sure the ring leader there was Max because he is the one that threw up 3 times and Mason only threw up once! 
Needless to say they are no longer left unattended inside the house. Chance tested this about a week ago and they got the oranges and onions off the counter, they didn’t like the onions but the oranges had bite marks guess they needed some vitamin C!

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