Saturday, February 15, 2014

The past few weeks

Well it's been a while since I posted! Not a lot has been going on... It has snowed a few times and has been extremely cold. I've spent most of my time just trying to stay warm.  But seriously... I'm that boring ya'll!! Today was the nicest day since October, or at least that's what I remember!

Last weekend I spent some time with my good friend Rebecca doing some antique shopping, we both love hitting up flea markets and antique shops! We finally made it back to church on Wednesday night, Chance was sick as were a few of the teens in our class so we did some book work in preparation for our next leson and then some bible trivia per their request! 

I spent this morning getting my hair done, then the rest of the day driving all over NWA, stopped in Rogers to pick up a dress that my great friend Mandy picked up for me earlier this week. I had tried on this dress last weekend when I was shopping with Rebecca and didn't get it but thought about it all night and the next day so Mandy picked it up for me, and bonus it gave me an excuse to see her and sweet Gunner! Then I went to Springdale and saw my bestie and got to have sweet Zoey and Isabelle hugs!! Oh and Meagan hugs too!! ;-) then it was off to the mall to get my jewelry inspected and cleaned! At this point, it was 1:00,the 2 brownies I had for breakfast (don't worry they were healthy) were long gone so I swung through Chick-Fil-A. And I was totally was going to order a fruit cup but seriously it slipped my mind (which was focused on ALL the traffic) so I ended up getting waffle fries with my chicken nuggets :-( oops, but BOY were they GOOD!!! I've seriously got to stop cheating on my new eating plan or it's not going to work! Interested in learning more about how I've lost 15 lbs in 1 month? Well don't worry I'll tell you soon enough, tomorrow marks 1 month on plan and I'll take my measurements!! Then I'll post the "skinny" (ha see what I did there) on this amazing eating plan, as well as some photos!! 

Right now though I'm going to leave you with some pics of the last month! Enjoy, and have a blessed week friends!! 


Beautiful morning snow/fog! 

Someone loves me!!! ;-) 

Funny sign at one of the antique stores Rebecca and I went on our outing last weekend! 

Creamy jalapeƱo dip at Chuys!! Seriously the best dip ever I could eat it by the spoonful! 

The dress Mandy went back and got for me!! She rocks! #dressingroomselfie 

Blue skies after a LONG week of gloomy weather! 

My new purse!! 

Beautiful Valentines roses from my amazing husband... He's seriously THE BEST! 

New hair do... Showing the highlights... Bad pic but it looks so good! 

And finally I got my toes done today!! Pretty in purple! 

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