Thursday, December 26, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I never have participated in a throwback or # trend but how about a throwback blog post!! 

When chance and I stared dating, 5 years ago! 

Little baby brother loves him a corn dog... This was about 5 years ago!! 

From a few years back! 

Other baby brother and I have matching hats!! 

Jail is not a nice place!! 

Happy wedding day!! 

Fun times this summer at the St. Louis zoo! 

I'm a body builder!!! Until I pop my muscles with a saftey pin!! 

Lazy days at home!!

Halloween fun!! 

And last but not least my bearded man with ice on his beard after the snow!! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! 



Ashley said...

Love the body builder picture!

Ashley said...

Thanks! That was for our VBS skit, it was SO much fun!