Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shhh… He’s sleeping!!

Do you ever notice when you try to be quiet you end up being louder than if you didn’t TRY to be quiet in the first place… Well it happens to me ALL the time! In the mornings Chance is still sleeping when I wake up, so usually Mason hears the alarm and is whining by my second snooze. I get up, still in a sleepy state, and I say mean things to Mason because he has interrupted my snoozing, I won’t repeat what I say because you will judge me harshly and think I am a terrible person! But I get up and as I’m leaving the bedroom I usually try to close the door quietly (like the alarm, a whining dog, and me expressing my hatred toward the whining dog does not wake up the sleeping man) but closing the door quietly never works… ever! I think I have a depth perception problem, I always pull the door too far and it slams. I also try to turn the knob so the latch doesn’t click, but I always let go too early! I fail miserably at this. Let’s take last night as an example; Chance was super tired from fishing ALL day and getting up WAY before dawn to get the right spot at the river. So he went to bed at 9:00, I followed at 10:00. I gather the dogs up and head to the bedroom I can hear him breathing deep, so that means he’s in a deep sleep. So I turn the hall light out and open the bedroom door very slowly, I make sure the dogs are in the room and shut the door behind me just as slowly as I opened it. I start off across the bedroom to the bathroom, I am walking very slowly because Mason is notorious for getting under my feet, and suddenly I came to an abrupt halt … I have hit my face on something… OH MY GOSH… it’s my closet door… At this point I’m trying not to start laughing because that will wake up the deeply sleeping man, so I start to close the closet door and something is in the way so I push a little harder and it gives and I get it shut. Now keep in mind that my closet doors to not latch, so now I can hear something in the closet… the hangers are rattling and something is moving around, I realize that I have shut one of the dogs in the closet and he is frantically trying to get out (which he manages to do)! By this point I can no longer hold in my laughter and I am giggling, I finally make it to the bathroom door and I get the light on and get the door shut when I hear Chance, OH CRAP I WOKE HIM UP!! So I open the door and he asks what’s going on and I am trying to tell him in between laughter and tears (guess that’s what happens when you try to hold in laughter) He then says groggily “I don’t understand” I tell him to go back to sleep and I will tell him in the morning! When he got up this morning he didn’t remember what happened so I got to tell him the story and we laughed together about it! So I wonder if I will ever be able to be quiet when people are sleeping… maybe if I don’t try to be quiet it could work… One can only hope!

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Mandy Babb said...

Ashley, I laughed out loud at this!