Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Shoveling!!

So this morning I decided to get out and shovel the sidewalk and driveway, it’s a great story so I just had to share. I decided to start with the driveway; I started at the top and worked my way to the bottom. I made one swipe down to the 3 ft snow drift at the bottom and stopped to reevaluate the situation… I then decided to move to the sidewalk and come back to the driveway!  Those of you that have been to our house know that we have 2 sidewalks one that has a few steps and leads from the street to the porch and the other is flat and goes from the driveway to the porch. I opted for the flat one first, this was a much better plan, the sidewalk was much easier and it went by very fast.  

After the sidewalk I moved to the front steps, I started on the first step and soon realized that the inch of sleet we got the first day of our winter storm had solidified under the 6 inches of snow that we got. So I ended up just scraping the snow off of the top of the ice. I cleaned off the porch next and then moved back to the sheets of ice known as our front steps, by this point my arms were tired and I had taken off my heavy coat and just had my jacket on, I was also sweating… A LOT!!! I went and got our regular shovel… I then began to chip away at the ice with the shovel, it was working, and I got into a grove and started to move faster!

By the time I was done with the bottom steps my arms were like jelly and the feeling in my legs was coming and going from the cold, but I was still sweating profusely! I FINALLY finished with the sidewalks and couldn’t help to think that the neighbors were watching and probably laughing, especially if they were watching my facial expressions… I can only imagine! For some reason after I finished the porch and sidewalks I still felt compelled to finish the driveway, I have no idea why!! So I started the driveway again and again I found the sleet/ice, I some how managed to work through the pain in my back and arms and I was able to uncover half of the driveway. I decided that I was done; the sun was starting to emerge from behind the house so I figured I would let it melt a little bit! So I went inside took a shower, did some house work and a few house later I went back out… BIG MISTAKE!!! I could feel every muscle that I had used earlier and none of them felt good! I managed to uncover about three fourths of the driveway and I thought my arm was going to literally detach from my shoulder! DONE… this time for good!! As I sit here tonight typing this I can hardly move my fingers, and it hurts to walk. I have worked out before and I know how sore can feel… but nothing compares to this. My back is killing me and it feels like my back should look ripped, like I have a body builder’s back or something! This is worse than the arms and back workout of P90x! I have attached pictures of my journey and somehow I have none of he driveway, probably because by the time I was finished I forgot all about the pictures I had taken!!
The steps before...   

The steps after…

This was a very fun experience!! One I hope to never have to repeat!! Incase anyone is wondering why I did this instead of Chance it is because he was working today and I just decided to get it done! I am a good wife!

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