Saturday, October 3, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

Well... we've made it a year!! Our little miracle baby, whom we never thought we would have, is here and is a happy, healthy, spunky, a bit cantankerous, strong willed, loving little boy!! We took vacation time this week to be home with him and celebrate his special day. On Thursday, his actual birthday, we took him to the Zoo in Springfield and he had a great time! He was a little afraid of the giraffes but who wouldn't be when you're a tiny guy and  staring up at a giant giraffe!! He also didn't care for the pushy goats in the petting zoo. We decided to forego the stroller and use the wagon he loved it but it was a little too much freedom for him as he kept trying to stand up in it. Here are some pics from our zoo day!

Lunch at Lamberts
An elephant!!!!

I love Sawyer's face in this one!!
Riding in the wagon like a big boy!!!
Man the Zoo sure wears a fella out!! 

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday with a party, close friends and family all came out and it was a great time!! Here are some pictures...

Matching shirts! 

Opening gifts!


Football theme! 
  Eating cake! 

Sawyer and his friends!!

We had a fantastic week celebrating our little guy! I can't wait to see what the next 12 months have in store for us!! 


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