Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sawyer's birth story

Well all I have to say is... Due date- shmu date! I'm finally getting this typed up, I started it like 2 weeks ago!! On Wednesday October 1st 2014 at 8:30 (ish) in the morning my water broke... At work! Yareli and I went upstairs to get the fall decorations for the bank and I moved an easel which did not weigh much at all, when I set it down I felt a gush... Yup it was my water and it had just broken and was leaking down my leg! Yareli helped me down the stairs and to my office where I called Chance, and he didn't answer... So by this point I all I wanted was to go to the bathroom to make sure that's really what it was. I told Yareli to tell John and Don, she did and when she got back I had just dialed Chances work # and handed the phone to her and went to the bathroom. There was no doubt about it, it was my water! So when I got out of the bathroom she was standing there with my purse and my keys and said "I'll drive you home Chance will meet us there" so off we went home to pack a bag for me and Sawyer... That's right nothing was packed, nothing was washed, the nursery was still a complete disaster from the shower he had the Saturday before, and my house was messy as well! Yareli went to the nursery to pack Sawyer's bag and went to change out of my wet pants and pack our bag. Within 30 min Chance was at the house and we were on the road to the hospital! 

Chance was just a little flustered, we were trying to make phone calls to family and he turned the wrong direction and had to go through town. He hit HWY 21 and floored it, I calmly told him that we did not need to drive that fast as I wasn't  having contractions and I could still feel Sawyer's butt up near my rib cage! He slowed down and when we got to Huntsville we stopped at McDonald's for a biscuit... The entire trip was a blur it went so fast! 

We took this selfie on the way...

We got to the hospital at 10:30, once in the ER I changed into a gown and the nurse checked me. The fluid was for sure amniotic fluid and I was dialated to 3 centimeters and 70% effaced. So they admitted me and she started an IV, since I had my strep test Monday and the results were not back yet I had to have penicillin through the IV and it HURT!! I was put into a room about noon and then given the epidural about 1. After I got my epidural they started pitocin, when they checked me as they started the pitocin I was still a 3 but I was effaced to 80%. The next 6 hours were a blur, visitors in and out, I don't remember what stage I was at which time but I do know I went from a 6 to a 9 in about 15 minutes. I started pushing about 7:25 and at 7:54 my world forever changed. Sawyer Rex Robbins was here. 

The nurse placed him on my chest and he let out a scream then they took him to evaluate him. He was early, 4 weeks early, I was only 35 weeks and 6 days along. They had called in the NICU respiratory team in case his lungs weren't fully developed. He was having difficultly breathing so they took him upstairs, I made Chance go with him because I couldn't. The doctor and the nurses assured me he would be ok, I prayed he would be and finally about 10:00 I was able to get upstairs to see him. This is what I saw... 

To say that I was emotional was an under statement... Seeing your baby hooked up to the monitors, IV, and the c-pap machine made me a blubbering mess! The nurse didn't help by telling me not to touch his arm the way I was. It would be over 12 hours before I could hold my baby but that moment was the BEST feeling ever!!

Best moment ever! Here are some pictures from our stay in the NICU. We were there for 6 days and he did so well! He's a strong guy and wanted to go home as much as we did! 

Today Sawyer is 3 weeks old and we've been home for 2 weeks here are some pics from our first 2 weeks! 

Going home! 

As you can see he likes to sleep... A LOT!! Here are some with his eyes open! 

He is staring to hold his head up and is more alert during the day, he sleeps well at night but gets up every 3 hours to nurse. He's a good baby and I love him SO much! Well he's asleep on my chest right now and is starting to wake up! Good night friends!! 

Love Ashley 

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